Can Incontinence be treated?

The good news is that studies confirm that 70%

of urin incontinence can be treatet!mave_øvelser

There is a large choice of treatment for incontinence:


The cheapest treatment is to make yourself Kegel exercises.

However, not everyone knows how to make manual pelvic floor exercises.

For me, Kegel exercises like abdominal exercises, just a bit easier.

It is dead boring but necessary.

There are on the market many types of kegel exercisers, and I will mention those who I know:

1. Here is the original Kegel exerciser who is like a “dildo” with a spiral. You squeeze the exerciser with your vagina.

Bækkenbundstræner med gorm

Kegel exerciser with a spiral


2. The Kegel balls have different weight. You put them in your vagina. You have to try to keep them up by tightening the vagina when you walk around. You probably starts with the lightest ball and gradually switch it out with a heavier ball.


Kegel balls

3. Silicone balloon who shows you the strength of your kegel muscle. You squeeze your vagina and see if it works or you are just tightening your buttocks.

Silikonballon til bækkenbundstræning

Silicone balloon


4. Finally, we have Electrical stimulation machines which stimulates the kegel muscles with the help of electric impulses and a probe. There are some types on the market and Sensatone, Elle TENS+ and Femme Elite are all excellent electrical kegel exercisers.

Bækkenbundstræner med probe

Sensatone with a probe


5. The most expensive alternative is an incontinence surgery in a hospital (with risk of complications and sick leave / absence from work for 14 days).

I would definitely recommend first trying everything else than a surgical operation.

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