What is Incontinence all about?

If you have experienced one of thisKvinde at hoste eller nyse

you can read further.

  • Are you worried to sneeze?
  • Are you worried to cough?
  • Are you worried to jump?
  • Tired of buying pantyliners?


The first time I experience Incontinence

was when I was jumping with my three small children on a trampolin.

I only managed to jump two times and Oops!…I was already wet in my panties!!!


After this experience, I was simply forced to train up my pelvic floor.

You have probably experienced to laugh, sneeze or cough and then feel something wet in your pants.

You suffer from Incontinence when you cannot hold your urine.

Did you know that one out of three women experience Incontinence in her live so you are also normal.

I experienced incontinence after my third birth.


There are actually three types of incontinence som can hopefully be treated with a pelvic floor training.


1. Urge incontinence

The bladder feels like it needs to be relieved immediately.

The symptoms include needing to urinate immediately, needing to urinate often (frequency) or having to get up at night to urinate.


2. Stress incontinence

All activities such as coughing, laughing and sneezing can cause urine to leak unexpectedly. 


3. Mixed incontince

When a person has the both symptoms of Urge and Stress incontince.


A good training of your pelvic floor will be effective against urge and stress incontinence.

I had myself the symptoms of stress incontinence.

After 2 months of intensive pelvic floor training I got my goal.

I can today jump on a trampolin, sneeze or cough without any complications.

I have to admit that the fight is not over and I am forced to train my pelvic floor once in a while with or without a pelvic floor stimulator.

What about you?

Where you for example shopping in Ikea and suddenly needed to cough?

It would be fun to hear your version when you discovered what incontinence was?

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